Hi there - I'm Kevin.  I am a Guitarist, Engineer, Fitness Junkie, and Motorcycle Enthusiast, and in this website you'll find updates on music I'm working on, thoughts & experiences I'd like to share, and anything else that come to mind.  

New Song "Change My Ways" - Out Now!

Hey all! 

"Change My Ways" is out now!  Check it out on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) and it's available for purchase on iTunes / Amazon Music.  

I had a lot of help in making this…

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How We Started a Composting Program at Work

Composting is a topic of growing interest throughout the U.S and other countries for many reasons, including trying to reduce landfill waste. When organic material is sent to landfills, this results in the release of Carbon Dioxide and Methane gases…

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Buzz-Music's Review of Monster

Hi all,


I recently had a nice chat with Buzz Music, and they wrote up a really cool review of "Monster" and included our interview as well- check it out here or read the content of the review…

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New Single "Monster" - Out Today!


I’m so excited to announce that my new single “Monster” has officially arrived, and is available on Spotify, iTunes, and all other platforms for getting music (links at the bottom of this message). 

Also!  I’ll be debuting…

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Traveling Solo

Going to the movie theater alone can be tough enough, but the thought of traveling alone can be daunting.  What if I feel lonely?  What will I do?  Who will I talk to?

Being single for the last…

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My 3 Favorite Recent Reads


“You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” 
― Ray Bradbury

I'm not exactly a bookworm by nature - I got into reading when I was around 16…

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