Hi there - I'm Kevin.  I am a Guitarist, Engineer, Fitness Junkie, and Motorcycle Enthusiast, and in this website you'll find updates on music I'm working on, thoughts & experiences I'd like to share, and anything else that come to mind.  


My 3 Favorite Recent Reads


“You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” 
― Ray Bradbury

I'm not exactly a bookworm by nature - I got into reading when I was around 16 or 17, and sometimes go a few weeks without cracking open a book (or listening on Audible).  Lately I've been trying to get through a book or two each month, as I'm a believer in the phrase "you either wear out or rust out", so I'd like to keep my mind expanding (or at least being subjected to some quality material…

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Weightlifting - Why I Like It, And Whose Advice I Follow


Anyone who knows me knows that I'm mildly obsessed with ze' Arnold.  For me, he symbolizes strength, overcoming difficulty, and pushing yourself beyond your limits.  I got into weightlifting when I was 18 -  I had just had my first real breakup, and lifting weights was a great outlet for anger & frustration or any other emotion going on at the time.  I saw some results fairly quickly (aka "Newbie Gains").  Over the years, my dedication and enthusiasm for weightlifting has waxed & waned…

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My Experience with Chronic Pain, and How I Beat It

Back in June of 2012, I developed chronic wrist pain which later involved my elbows and forearms.  As a Guitarist, this was a big scare as I had been planning to make the plunge into full-time music for a little over a year.  My plans for long practice sessions and lots of gigs had to be diverted while I tried to figure out what was wrong with my body.

Over the next ~9 months, I tried acupuncture, massage, chiropractor visits, diet tweaks, rest, icing, compression, tennis elbow straps, and probably a few…

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End of 2017 Wrap

It feels like I"m finally just getting used to it being 2017, and now it's almost 2018.  Life moves too fast (though sometimes it feels like not fast enough).

I haven't posted anything on this site in a while as I primarily was using it to promote upcoming shows, and I've taken some time off of shows.  That said, I've decided to use this as my personal and music blog going forward, so you can expect to see some more content here on various topics (fitness, music, life stuff, where to get the best pizza in…

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New Music, Shows, Podcast, and more

Hey guys! 

Just wanted to send a quick note to give you a few updates of what I've been up to: 


I'm working on writing a rock EP - can't give you much more news than that at this point, but if you want to hear a few snippets of demos, you can check them out here: 



I'm playing a lot these days with some talented dudes that call themselves "The LA Soul Project".  We're playing around LA in the next few months, and we're kicking off a…

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Kaya Jones & Cardiac @ The Study - Last Friday


Had a fun show last Friday at "The Study" in Hollywood to celebrate Kaya Jones' new album "The Chrystal Neria Album".  The gents and I from Cardiac have been joining Kaya on stage lately to add a little Rock edge to her latest album, and it's been way fun.  Below are a couple shots from the show:
(Promo Poster for the Show)
(Cardiac) Stay tuned for some more upcoming Kaya & Cardiac shows :)  Posted some live shots of the gig on the Photos page, and here's some video of the show:

Jlh album cover

Shows this Month, "The Let Go" Available on iTunes, and New FREE Lesson Material Coming Soon

Hey guys!

Since I haven't written an update since January, there's lots to catch up on, so let's dive in!!!

April 30th:  "Cardiac" at House of Blues, Sunset BLVD.  Check out the music here:  https://www.facebook.com/CardiacTheBand

May 2nd:  "Dixie Normus" at Toros Locos, Hollywood:  http://www.dixienormusband.com/
Jamie Lynn Hard Band's new album "The Let Go" was officially released on iTunes on Feb17th of this year.  It's a little different from previous JLH albums, but…Read more
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Show this Friday in LA, NAMM, and JLH Review

Happy 2015 Everyone!

Now that I think my Holiday Hangover is finally gone, it's time to get back to rocking!

There's a new Rock Night in Hollywood happening at Boardner's every Friday night, and I'm stoked to be playing there this Friday night with Dixie Normus.  We're on at 11PM Friday night, and we're playing with some sick bands :)

NAMM - This last weekend was NAMM (basically a huge convention for music gear manufacturers), and it was insane!  It's basically guitar center on steroids, with some seriously…Read more

End of 2014 Wrapup! Looking forward to 2015

Hey guys!

Woah, 2014 is wrapping up fast!  I've had a hell of a year, and I hope that this time of year is going well for everyone!  Ignore the holiday stress and make the most of ugly sweater parties, indulgent meals, and James Bond tv marathons :)

I've got a few updates for you before 2014 closes out:

JLH News:  First off, just wanted to say congrats to Jamie Lynn Hart and the guys for releasing a new video for the track "Bad", and also wishing them an awesome show on December 20th at Church of Boston…Read more

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