Kevin Eldridge is an American Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, CA.  After playing in multiple bands in Boston and Los Angles, Kevin debuted his first single "Monster" in June of 2019, and is planning multiple follow up single releases.  

Originally from Harwich, MA, Kevin grew up on a steady diet of classic rock and blues music, which is reflected in his playing and songwriting.  After obtaining a degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern University in 2008, Kevin played in local bands in Boston (Pawnshop Diamonds, Jamie Lynn Hart Band), and decided to move to Los Angeles in June of 2014.

Kevin has previously played with Pawnshop Diamonds, Jamie Lynn Hart Band, Bell Bottom, Street Chalk, Lunar Rogue, Cardiac, Zero 1, Dixie N'ormus, Kaya Jones, LA Soul Project, and performs regularly at The Sunset Jam in West Hollywood.

In addition to music, Kevin is also passionate about solving climate change, composting, fitness, meditation, and motorcycle riding.