Studio, Pledge for JLH Band Album, JLH Gig this Wednesday, and Road-trip Starts Friday!

Last week was awesomely busy!  First and foremost, from Monday to Thursday the Jamie Lynn Hart Band basically lived at Dimension Studios in JP to track the new JLH Band album.  It was such a great experience to track the tunes we've been working on for a year or so.  I heard the rough mixes this weekend and I'm super excited for this album to come out!  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for it in the late summer / early fall.  And it's not too late to donate, as mixing and mastering are expensive!  If you haven't checked out the Pledge Music campaign already, please do!

A big thanks to Dan Cardinal at Dimension Studios  for being such a pleasure to work with!  We couldn't have put it all together without him.  Also, many thanks(!!!!) to everyone who's donated already!  Be sure to keep checking the Pledge Page for exclusive updates and sneak peaks at the album.

We're also gearing up for a big show this Wednesday at Tupelo in Londonderry NH as part of the Frank FM's "Women Who Rock" evening of music.  This will sadly be my last show with Jamie Lynn Hart Band, as I'm leaving for LA this Friday.  I've been playing with Jamie for ~5 years, and it's been awesome to grow musically with her, and also as a friend.  The band is in a really good state right now, and the sound we've cooked up is going to make this album great.  I'm sad to leave, but something tells me our paths will cross again.  But to all Boston friends - please keep going to JLH Band shows!  I'm excited to see and hear the next incarnation of the band.

Stay tuned for updates on the road-trip out to LA, as well as some news once I get settled into life on the West Coast 8-)


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