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End of 2014 Wrapup! Looking forward to 2015

Hey guys!

Woah, 2014 is wrapping up fast!  I've had a hell of a year, and I hope that this time of year is going well for everyone!  Ignore the holiday stress and make the most of ugly sweater parties, indulgent meals, and James Bond tv marathons :)

I've got a few updates for you before 2014 closes out:

JLH News:  First off, just wanted to say congrats to Jamie Lynn Hart and the guys for releasing a new video for the track "Bad", and also wishing them an awesome show on December 20th at Church of Boston…Read more
Jlh hard rock

Boston Show This Friday! 10/17 Hard Rock Cafe

Hey guys!

The new Jamie Lynn Hart Band Album is here!  And to celebrate we're launching it with a CD Release Party this Friday 10/17 at the Hard Rock Cafe, right in Faneuil Hall!

Also, if you pledged with our Pledge Music campaign, you can download the album before it's officially released.  It's called "The Let Go", and we're stoked about how it came out!

Hope to see you at the show!

Viper room

LA Update #2 - Favorite Venues, Music News, and a Show in Boston in October!

Hey Fellow Rockers,

I've officially been in LA for a little over 2 months, and it's been a hell of a ride so far!  Here's a quick update on what's been going on, and what's coming up :)

I've been pretty lucky and have gotten to play at some of the more rad venues in LA - namely the Viper Room, The Dragonfly, and Loaded.  Here's a shot from a gig on 8/2/14 at the Viper Room with Lunar Rogue:


I've also been really lucky to get set up with some killer bands.  I'm playing with Lunar Rogue, Dixie

Update from LA- Weekly Residency at "Loaded", First few Gigs, and puppies (ok no puppies)

Hey dudes!

It's been a pretty rad July so far.  I started out the month by flying out to Seattle for Becky's friend Claire's wedding; we met up in Portland OR for a few days and then took the bus over to Seattle.  Seeing Becky was awesome, and the time spent in Portland / Seattle was relaxing and a blast.

Life in LA is going well - my biggest impression so far is how fast things happen out here.  And LA is HUGE!  Which means there are a lot of cool venues that I've been trying to check out.  I've linked up…Read more

Session Reels Now Up!

I made a quick compilation of some of my previous playing & recording experience - check them out on the SESSIONS page.


La roadsign

Landed in LA, 7 Days Left in JLH Band Pledge Music Campaign(!), and More

Hey Guys!

I officially arrived into LA on Friday June 6th, and so far it's been pretty sah-weet!  Arriving here was bittersweet though, as it ended an amazing 2 week road-trip with my awesome girlfriend Becky.  We traveled through Austin, New Orleans, Nashville, the Grand Canyon, and survived a friendly deer poking our tent all night while camping in Colorado.  If you're interested in hearing more about that and our other stops, you can check out our travel blog here:  KevBexToLA.Wordpress.com.  A huge…Read more
Jlh band studio dimension

Studio, Pledge for JLH Band Album, JLH Gig this Wednesday, and Road-trip Starts Friday!

Last week was awesomely busy!  First and foremost, from Monday to Thursday the Jamie Lynn Hart Band basically lived at Dimension Studios in JP to track the new JLH Band album.  It was such a great experience to track the tunes we've been working on for a year or so.  I heard the rough mixes this weekend and I'm super excited for this album to come out!  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for it in the late summer / early fall.  And it's not too late to donate, as mixing and mastering are expensive!  If you…Read more
Roadtrip screenshot

New JLH Band Album, Moving to LA!!!, and last gigs in New England (for a while)


May and June are shaping up to be exciting months, so I wanted to share a little about what's new and coming up:

1)  Moving to LA!

That's right - I'm taking the plunge and moving to LA for a change of pace.  I've lived in / around Boston for 11 years now (!), and it's been so f'ing awesome.  I decided to leave my current job at Philips Color Kinetics (which is an awesome company, you should check them out:  www.colorkinetics.com ), and that LA would be a cool place to pursue playing music full-time.  That…Read more
Louis escort

Pledge Music Drive, Exclusive Acoustic JLH Performance, and Upcoming Streaming Concert

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

We've officially kicked off the Pledge Music Drive for Jamie Lynn Hart Band's next album - and we have a hilarious video (um...short film?) for you to watch!  Check it out here:


Watch to learn why:

1)  Louis became an escort
2)  The band name is "The Stolen Roses"
3)  Investment Bankers have a short fuse.

In all seriousness, the band and I are STOKED to record this new record, and we need your help!  Check out the pledge page, check out the…Read more

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