Slash on Staying Humble, Gigs This Week, and JLH Band Update

Hey dudes/dudettes,

I just came across this YouTube vid from Slash (he's working on a new record that I can't wait to check out) - I really dug it because even though he's one of my favorite guitarist and a total badass, he talks about staying humble and not letting stardom/whatever get to his head.  I found it to be way inspiring, and it just made me want to pick up my guitar and practice / write.  Definitely check it out if you have a few minutes:

This week, I've got two back-to-back gigs that I'm stoked about.  

Street Chalk is rocking out at McGann's this Thursday night at 9:30PM (Click Here For Facebook Event )


Jamie Lynn Hart Band is playing in Beverly MA THIS FRIDAY at Chianti on Cabot Street.  This place is really cool, and I definitely recommend getting a bite there and hanging out the for show - we hit it at 9:30pm.

Last but not least, working on the new JLH Band album is coming along!  We have some new tunes that we're proud of (you may have a heard a sample at one of the recent live shows), and we're gearing up to head to the studio in May.  Stay tuned for a Pledge Music Campaign - we'll need all the support we can get to make this record happen, and we're offering some pretty cool incentives to support us in making this album.

Hope you're well!


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