Pledge Music Drive, Exclusive Acoustic JLH Performance, and Upcoming Streaming Concert

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

We've officially kicked off the Pledge Music Drive for Jamie Lynn Hart Band's next album - and we have a hilarious video (um...short film?) for you to watch!  Check it out here:

Watch to learn why:

1)  Louis became an escort
2)  The band name is "The Stolen Roses"
3)  Investment Bankers have a short fuse.

In all seriousness, the band and I are STOKED to record this new record, and we need your help!  Check out the pledge page, check out the "Exclusives" (including signed cds, signed lyric sheets, band makes you dinner packages, & more), and please help us make this new album!

One of the exclusives that pledgers will be able to gain access to is an mp3 copy of the radio set that Jamie and I performed last night on Frank FM.  You'll be able to listen to never before aired (or played...) acoustic versions of "Bad", and acoustic versions of new tunes that will be on the next album, "Seeker" and "Breakdown".  Thanks again to Frank FM for having us!  

If you missed the radio set last night - don't despair!  We'll be hosting a streaming online concert from my couch on Wednesday evening at 9PM! This time it will be the full band, performing acoustic versions of our tunes and answering any fan questions, but mostly telling bad jokes and stories.  Stay tuned for details!



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