New Music, Shows, Podcast, and more

Hey guys! 

Just wanted to send a quick note to give you a few updates of what I've been up to: 


I'm working on writing a rock EP - can't give you much more news than that at this point, but if you want to hear a few snippets of demos, you can check them out here: 


I'm playing a lot these days with some talented dudes that call themselves "The LA Soul Project".  We're playing around LA in the next few months, and we're kicking off a "Friday nights at Skinny's" in North Hollywood starting in March. 


My friend and fellow LA Soul Project player Ben Eisen hosts a really cool music Podcast called "All Time Top Ten" podcast.  I was recently a guest on his show (along with John O'Kennedy) and we covered the "Top 10 Blues/Rock Guitarist".  Check out the episode here, and if you like it, give his facebook page a like: 


I've been good (mostly) about not getting much gear lately, BUT I have been using the Line 6 Helix at a few gigs lately (Disclaimer:  I work for Line 6).  If you haven't checked it out yet, do yourself a favor and check out the website and try one out in a Guitar Center (if you can find one - they have been selling out pretty quickly): 

That's it for now!  Hope all is well with you and thanks for reading! 


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