Faneuil Hall Gig on Friday, Guitar Gear Madness, and Recording in 1 Month!

Hey dudes!

I've got an exciting gig coming up this Friday with Street Chalk - this one is for anyone who has been interested in checking out this band, but who doesn't like partying on Wednesday evenings during our residency at Common Ground (come on though, Wednesday nights don't have to be boring!).  Well, we're switching over from partying on Wednesday this week and we're playing this Friday night at "The Point" in Faneuil Hall.  We'll be rocking all night starting at 10pm, so come down early and help us kick off the weekend!  You can expect to hear your favorite 90's hip-hop tunes, have a dance off with Angela and Andrew "Funkhouse" Frankhouse, drink some delicious beers, and take the T home late.  

In other news, the recording for the new Jamie Lynn Hart Band album is just over a month away!  I've been stock-piling some gear in preparation for recording - see my updated Gear page for any guitar nerds out there who want to see what I might be using during the recording.  The latest addition is a Fender Blues Deluxe.

Hope to see ya Friday!


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