Fall News!

Hey guys!  Summer capped off in a very excellent way - the "Live at Tupelo" show with JLH Band was AWESOME!  We are just finishing the mixing and mastering now, so hopefully it will be up on Jamie's website soon…Read more

Summer News!

First off, I hope your summer has been going AWESOME!

It's been a good one here so far.  Jamie Lynn Hart and the band and I are gearing up for a Live Album at Tupelo Hall in Londonderry NH…Read more

Shows every Wednesday this Summer!

I forget if I told you, but I recently joined a really kickin' band called "Street Chalk".  We've got Jamie, Louis, and James from the "Jamie Lynn Hart band" and have put it in a blender with some badass drums…Read more

Electro-Harmonix Saved My Gig!

Here's the scenario: You get on stage, plug in, start running through a few chords, but something sounds kinda...funny. You play through a few more chords and think "crap, my amp is acting really weird". A few seconds later a…Read more