Great Article, Upcoming Shows

Hey guys,

I was cleaning out some old papers and came across a printed version of this article.  I just re-read it this morning and found it to be very inspiring and calming, and so I wanted to share it…

Pandora, Last Monthly Gig @ The Middle East, & More

Hey Friends!

I hope 2014 has been treating you well so far, and that you've either been rockin' your resolutions or decided that they are lame and better left doing next year instead.  2014 has been good to me -…

2013 was rockin' - let's make 2014 even louder :)


I wanted to give a HUGE THANKS(!!!!) to everyone who made it out to any of the shows from this last year.  It was a really exciting year for me (both personally and music-wise), and it means a lot…

Live Album - Release date is 11/30

Hi guys! 

We're celebrating the official release of the "Jamie Lynn Hart Band - Live at Tupelo" album on 11/30 at Church of Boston (see shows for details). 

You can pre-order the album here, and by doing that you…