I Wrote 5 Songs to Avoid Donating $500 to TRUMP

Here's the deal - I love music (kind of a "duh" if you know me at all), but I struggle with creating music and can often feel directionless when it comes to my music career.  I sometimes feel like I talk about wanting to "do music" more often than I actually work on it.  A big lesson for me this year has been to focus on my actions over my thoughts/feelings/motivation (really great post on this topic here:  https://markmanson.net/do-something).

I was having coffee with a new friend at the end of September (who is also a musician), and we were talking about the importance of organization and accountability when it comes to making music (or any creative endeavor) - especially when you have a day job and the time you can allocate to your craft is limited to non-working hours & weekends.  As we were talking about this, I was nodding my head and agreeing with everything we said, but part of me knew I wasn't living up to that standard.

So on Saturday, October 20th, I texted that same friend the following:

This goal followed the "SMART" methodology - it was specific, measure-able, attainable, realistic, and timely.  It was also outside of my comfort zone, and after sending the above text I definitely felt a "what the $#&@ have I just done" sensation.

For me, I found it was important to have accountability around this goal, otherwise I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have done it.  Accountable can be defined as:


I REALLY REALLY REALLY didn't want to part with $500, especially not to support a TRUMP or Republican campaign.  This was a really great motivator on the nights that I just wanted to watch Netflix and melt into the couch.

And I'm happy to report that I didn't have to spend $500!  I finished the last song last night (10/29).  Now are these songs GREAT?  I don't think so.  Are they fully produced?  No way - they are all just me and my acoustic guitar, recorded on my iPhone voice memo app.  But they are DONE.  


What did I learn from this experience?

  • "Done is better than Perfect" (Saying that I think is attributed to Sheryl Sandberg).  I literally wrote this out most nights before sitting down to write.  
  • "Clock in to work".  Some nights I would set a timer and as long as I worked on music for 30 minutes, I could call that night a win.
  • Having an Accountability Partner really lit a fire under my ass and helped me get this done.

Will I do this again?  Probably - I'm enjoying the feeling of satisfaction of completing this goal, but I know it won't last long and that I'll now need to decide on the next set of actions that I want to take.  Even in the planning, there's no perfection - I think it's just about picking a direction, seeing how it goes, and repeating.



I hope you enjoyed the post, and would love to hear any tips you might have in the comments below or email me at Kevin@Kevin-Eldridge.com 





  • M
    M Hollywood
    Great work dude!! These sound fantastic!!

    Great work dude!! These sound fantastic!!

  • Claire
    Claire TO
    You rock! Just keep DOING ;)

    You rock! Just keep DOING wink

  • Mike Dollinger
    Mike Dollinger Portland
    Nice job dude!

    Nice job dude!

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