Fall News!

Hey guys!  Summer capped off in a very excellent way - the "Live at Tupelo" show with JLH Band was AWESOME!  We are just finishing the mixing and mastering now, so hopefully it will be up on Jamie's website soon (I'll also post streaming copies of the songs on my Portfolio page). 

I also received a copy of Jessica Ryan's album "Sound Capsule" in the mail - it sounds awesome!  I had the pleasure of working with her on a recording session back in June, and the songs came out great.  I definitely recommend checking out the album and buying a copy if you dig it!  Special thanks to Taylor Barefoot at Barefoot Studios for letting me use his awesome guitar gear :)

There's some cool stuff coming up for Fall:

1)  BE IN OUR MUSIC VIDEO!!  Jamie Lynn Hart Band is doing a live music video this coming Monday October 14th (Columbus Day).  We're meeting at the Middle East Downstairs at 7PM and we need people to be a rockin' crowd for this one!  This will be a good party :)


2)  Release of the "Jamie Lynn Hard Band - Live at Tupelo" album - should be available by mid-November. 

3)  SHOWS!  Keep checking the SHOWS page for updates - next one coming up is my Classic Rock Cover Band "BELL BOTTOM" at Maggy's in Quincy on October 18th.

4)  There are rumors of a one-night band covering Daft Punk.  Shhh...... but stay tuned

5)  Early next year, Jamie Lynn Hart Band will be heading into the studios, so we're gearing up for that with writing, rehearsals, and lots of bad jokes.

Hope to see you guys at one of the upcoming shows!


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